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Projects and Examples

SAECO's project experience includes transportation, residential, academic, commercial, water resources, dam and reservoir structures, and energy generation and transmission. Below is a sample of projects we've been involved in:

 FLEX Storage Facility
-Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
-Development includes 3 structures totaling 25,000 square feet
-Structures designed for "Beyond Design Basic Events" including a 500-year flood
-Geotechnical Engineering Evaluation using borings, test pits, and seismic refraction
-Excavation design
-Engineered fill observation and testing
-Construction Quality Assurance of all construction materials
GoAZ Soil Nail Design
-Scottsdale, AZ
-Chosen by Blount Contracting Inc. for soil nail design services on GoAZ basement excavation
-Able to meet challenging schedule by coordinating with BCI quality and production members
-Full-time quality control, providing proof nail verification, reinforcing steel inspection, and completion of shotcrete test panels
-Completed July 2015
-Costruction Cost of $2 million
 Chula Vista Bridge, Nogales Wash
-Santa Cruz County, Arizona
-Construction of a bridge over the Chula Vista Channel of the Nogales Wash
-Construction materials testing on all elements of project
-Project included the construction of two abutments, a 2-lane, 2-span bridge, 9 drilled shafts, retaining wall construction, channel earthwork, grouted stone placement in the channel for erosion control, and asphalt paving
-Laboratory hot-mix asphalt testing
-Design completed March 2015
 Glendale Scale House Relocation
-Glendale, Arizona
-Landfill expansion project
-Approximately 8,100 square feet of new buildings due to landfill growth
-Geotechnical Engineering Evaluation
-Significant fills and history of uncontrolled fill required evaluation
-Seismic Refraction and Surface Wave assisted geotechnical analysis
-$2.5 million budget, Construction Manager at Risk delivery
-Member of A/E Team of Arrington Watkins Architects and Dibble Engineering
 Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Water Reclamation Facility - Train 7 Clarifiers
-Tonopah, AZ
-Geotechnical Engineering Evaluation for proposed expansion
-Expansion include adding first stage clarifiers, an electrical equipment building, an overhead walkway, new overflow pipes, and influent/effluent pipes.
-Design completed August 2013
 Avra Valley Solar Generating Station
-Marana, AZ
-Construction Materials Testing of Soil and Concrete for electrical line backfill and substation installation
-300-acre, 26MW site, 410,000 solar panels on tracking system
-$100 million construction cost
-Completed September 2012
 Maricopa County Flood Control District - Powerline Interim Dam Safety Measure
-Apache Junction, AZ
-Contractor Quality Control
-Expected Completion October 2013
-Project included 270,000 cubic yards of structural fill and filter membrane installation.
-SAECO performed unconfined compressive strength testing and bulking characteristic testing of filter sand materials.
-On-site laboratory deployed for testing
 Runway 30L Reconstruction and Detention Basin, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
-Mesa, AZ
-Quality Assurance testing of construction materials
-Destruction and Reconstruction of approximately 3000' x 150' runway.
-Approximately 20,000 tons of asphalt base course and 11,300 cubic yards of crushed aggregate base course.
-Completed in December, 2014
 Acute Angle Connectors - Taxiways A6 & A8
-Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix, AZ
-Quality Assurance testing of construction materials
-Construction of two new acute angle connector taxiways between runway 7L/25R and Taxiway A
-Work included paving, grading, drainage improvements, electrical improvements and pavement markings
BASIS 2nd Street K-6 School
-Tucson, AZ
-Geotechnical Engineering Report
-Complete demolition and rebuild of public charter school
-Two story building with a gross area of 42,000 square feet
-Geotechnical services were completed in six working days due to an aggressive design schedule
-Design completed in April 2013
 Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station - Evaporation Pond No. 1 Rehabilitation
-Tonopah, AZ
-Construction Quality Assurance
-Complete rehabilitation of a single cell 300-acre reservoir into a triple cell reservoir with leachate collection and removal system
-Project includes 12 million square feet of foundation preparation, 1 million cubic yards of structural fill, 15,000 cubic yards of soil-cement, and 36 million square feet of geosynthetics installation.
-SAECO's services included full-time inspection of all earthwork, soil-cement construction, leachate collection system installation, and geomembrane/geotextile/GCL/geonet installation, seaming, and testing
-Completed in November 2013

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